Anil Sunkara Anil Sunkara coming together or not.. Losses of more than two crores in two years..!

Producer Anil Sunkara Anil Sunkara, who was a part of the producer of blockbuster movies like Agdus, Legend and Sarileru, is now suffering from losses. In the last two years, he has suffered losses of more than two and a half crores due to three ultra-disasters. Actually Anil Sunkara has a good name in the industry. It is said that he will go to any extent for the film and does not set limits for the budget. Just dipped his horn. Countless films have caused untold losses. Ajay Bhupathi, who created a super craze with RX100 less than two years ago, has made a multi-starrer Ocean with Bhupathi and released it on Dussehra.

The lack of competing big films caused the content to suffer and closed shop before the end of the first week. Anil could not get back the publicity expenses due to that. And the agent who put Rs. 80 crores on Akhil and took it out.. could not recover even a quarter of it. In addition, many criticisms had to be faced. And if Bhola Shankar is going to make up for those losses, it seems that he will bring new huge losses. This movie, which has cost more than 100 crores, has not been able to achieve collections of 100 crores so far. It is already reported that in many places people or shows have been cancelled.

Even if the recent social revolution has brought some good gains, it does not seem to be enough to compensate for the mountain of losses in front of the eyes. Even if a concept-oriented film like Hidimba was presented, it was not a big commercial success. Like this, Anil Sunkara is getting one shock after another. Let’s see how Anil recovers from this.

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