Allegations are baseless, don’t drag my husband into this… Satish Kaushik’s wife breaks silence on drug and murder angle

Satish Kaushik Death: After the demise of Bollywood comedian Satish Kaushik, the case of his death has taken many turns. Earlier in this case, it came to light that objectionable medicines were found from the farm house where Satish Kaushik stayed. After this, Saanvi Malu, the wife of Vikas Malu, the owner of the farm house and Satish Kaushik’s friend, accused her of killing Satish. Vikas’s clarification also came out on this. Now Satish Kaushik’s wife Shashi Kaushik has reacted on this and made a special appeal to Sanvi Malu. Satish Kaushik’s wife Shashi Kaushik has now spoken openly in this matter and has called the allegations made by Saanvi on her husband Vikas baseless. In a conversation with the news channel, he defended Vikas, a friend of businessman and Satish Kaushik. He has said that Satish and Vikas were very good friends and can never fight. He has also said that Vikas is very rich and he cannot kill anyone for money. According to Shashi, her husband Satish was in Delhi for Holi party and there is no issue of money transaction. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Satish Kaushik (@satishkaushik2178) Is. He also cited the postmortem report and said that there was 98% blockage in the actor’s heart and no drugs were found in the sample. Shashi said- Police has verified everything. I am not able to understand on what lines she is talking about drugs and murder. I don’t know why she is dragging my husband’s name in all this after his death. He may have an agenda. May be she needs money from her husband. And now she is also bringing the name of Satish ji in this. If my husband had any financial problem, he would definitely mention it to me. I feel very bad that all this is happening after his death. Read this too – One step of Sonu Sood changed the life of Amarjeet Jaykar, got the biggest chance of life Tell that Satish Kaushik died at the age of 66 due to a heart attack. Since then there is a wave of mourning in the art world. His special friend Anupam Kher is in bad condition by crying. Anupam Kher recently visited Kali Ghat in Kolkata for the peace of his friend’s soul. Photos during this time have come to the fore. Apart from this, many Bollywood actors remembered the kind hearted personality Satish Kaushik and paid tribute to him.

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