4 actresses received money and expensive gifts from thug Sukesh Chandrashekhar in Tihar Jail

The case related to thug Sukesh Chandrashekhar is taking a different stand. The news related to him is coming out that he has given expensive gifts to some TV actresses and models. Four actresses and models, Nikita Tamboli, Chahat Khanna, Sofia Singh and Arusha Patil, met thug Sukesh Chandrashekhar while he was in a Delhi jail. These four actors had gone to Tihar Jail to meet the thugs through Sukesh’s aide Pinky Irani.

ED made many revelations in the chargesheet

Pinky introduced these actresses to Sukesh by different names and in return for their journey, gave them gifts and money like Gucci, LV bags, Versace watches. Of these four actresses, Arusha Patil admitted that Pinky Irani had introduced her to Sukesh Chandrashekhar, but refused to meet him in Tihar Jail. However, the ED has said in its chargesheet that he had received money from the thugs in his bank account.

According to a statement by ‘Bigg Boss’ fame Nikita Tamboli, Pinky Irani introduced her to accused Sukesh Chandrashekhar by calling her ‘Shekhar’. Pinky Irani mentioned him as a South Indian filmmaker and friend.

Nikita Tamboli was found in Tihar Jelly

The ED has said in its chargesheet that, it was further revealed that Nikita Tamboli met accused Sukesh Chandrashekhar on two occasions in Tihar Jail. During the first meeting in April 2018, the accused Pinky Irani received Rs 10 lakh in cash from Sukesh Chandrasekhar, out of which he gave Rs 1.5 lakh in cash to Nikita Tamboli. The second time, two to three weeks after their first meeting, she went to meet Sukesh Chandrasekhar alone, where she was given Rs 2 lakh in cash and a Gucci bag through accused Sukesh Chandrasekhar, .

His statement was recorded by the ED on December 15, 2021. She also told the officials that Pinky had contacted her on WhatsApp around 2018 and that she was the co-ordinator and producer of the films.

Flight tickets were also booked

Pinky Irani, while mentioning, said that she has a South Indian film producer friend who wanted to meet her and make films with her. He said that in April 2018, Pinky aka Angel told him that he was going to meet Shekhar in Delhi and that he had booked both his flight tickets from Mumbai to Delhi and left for Delhi the next day.

After coming to Delhi, he went to Tihar Jail in a BMW car and then an Innova car came and took him inside the jail compound.

Book tickets from Mumbai to Delhi

The chargesheet further states that, no security check was done and no ID was asked from him. She said that she (Nikita Tamboli) went upstairs with Pinky, where Sukesh Chandrashekhar introduced himself as Shekhar, saying that he is a big man and a big producer. At first, he mentioned that it was his office, but later he told her (Nikita) that he was in jail because of some big scam, and he would get bail by August, 2018. She further said that she had met him only, twice in her life and that too in Tihar Jail. She went with Angel for the first time. For the second time, Shekhar aka Sukesh had booked his air tickets from Mumbai to Delhi only two to three weeks after his first journey and sent him the ticket on his WhatsApp.

During the second journey, a man from the jail took him to the upper floor to meet Shekhar, where he was with a boy. LV inside her room, there were a lot of expensive Gucci bags. The man later left and Shekhar gave Nikita a Gucci bag as a gift and he also gave her Rs 2 lakh in cash.

However, later, there was no contact between the two. The ED also examined the records of Nikita Tamboli living in Delhi and found that she stayed at JW Marriott, Delhi in Aerocity from March 22, 2018 to March 23, 2018.

Chahat Khanna was made his victim

Actress Chahat Khanna, known for her role in the serial ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’, told ED that Pinky Irani had introduced Sukesh as Shekhar Reddy, the owner of the South Indian channel.

The ED has said in the targetsheet that, it was further learned that in May, 2018, Chahat Khanna met accused Sukesh Chandrashekhar in his office inside Tihar Jail, Delhi, for which accused Pinky Irani gave him Rs 2 lakh in cash and Rs. Gave a blue Versace watch.

Chahat Khanna’s statement was recorded through the ED on December 16, 2021, in which she said that around January-February 2018, Pinky called her and attended a fund-raising event for a very good friend of hers. For this she wanted him as a mom blogger, but it did not happen.

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