Paytm Share Price: How much more will the share price of Paytm fall, investors lose Rs 77000 crore

Paytm Share Price: How much more will the share price of Paytm fall, investors lose Rs 77000 crore

Paytm Share Update: The investors of Paytm are not taking the name of the end of the bad phase. Friday was even worse for the shareholders of Paytm. Had already come below Rs 1000, now the share of Paytm has gone down to a low of Rs 952.30. At the end of trading, Paytm closed at Rs 960.30 per share.

Where will

Paytm stop , there is a huge sell-off in the stock of Paytm. Ever since the stock was listed on the stock exchange, its valuation has now fallen by more than 55 percent. Paytm’s market capitalization has come down by over Rs 77,000 crore since the downgrade of the brokerage house. Before listing in the stock market, the market value of Paytm according to the IPO price was Rs 1.39 lakh crore and today its market cap has come down to Rs 62,253 crore.

Brokerage house downgraded

Paytm IPO at the rate of Rs 2150 per share came with the biggest IPO of Rs 18,800 crore in history. Since the listing of the stock, the trend of decline in the stock continues. Recently, the company’s founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma has blamed this condition of Paytm’s stock for bringing the IPO at the wrong time. The reason for the fall in the share of Paytm is the new target of the brokerage house Macquarie Capital regarding the share of Paytm.

Macquarie reduced the target of Paytm

Foreign brokerage house Macquarie Capital has expressed the possibility of further fall in Paytm’s stock. Macquarie Capital has reduced the target of Paytm to Rs 900 per share. Which is 58 percent less than the current issue price. Earlier, Macquarie had reduced the target of Paytm to Rs 1200. According to Macquarie, Paytm’s business model lacks direction. According to him, making profit is a big challenge for Paytm.

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