Sunny Deol’s ‘Gadar 2’ rocked cinema halls across the country, trending on social media #Gadar2HuiJantaKi

#Gadar2HuiJantaKi gets trend: bollywood star Sunny Deol And Ameesha Patel starr director Anil Sharma much awaited movie Mutiny 2 Finally reached the cinema hall. It has been 2 days since the release of this movie and in these two days this movie is making waves. Superstar Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel starrer film has been received well by the audience. After which a huge number of viewers are reaching the theaters to watch this movie. Whose many videos and photos have started going viral on social media. Meanwhile, people who exited the theaters happily after watching the film have started trending ‘Gadar 2 Hui Janta Ki’ on social media. On which more than 3500 people have tweeted so far. Along with this, the videos that surfaced from outside the theaters regarding the movie are attracting a lot of attention.

‘Gadar 2 Hui Janta Ki’ trended on social media

A festive atmosphere is visible outside many theaters in the country. People Sunny Deol movie of Mutiny 2 Have come with family to see. Also, after watching the film, people have started making many videos viral on social media. Director Anil Sharma has also shared a video on social media. In which many people are seen arriving in tractors with family and many friends to watch this movie of Sunny Paji. You can watch these videos here.


Gadar 2 earned 83 crores in two days

The interesting thing is that this film has earned more than 75 crores in just 2 days in its account while earning a lot. The film earned a whopping Rs 40 crore on its very first day of release. Whereas, on the second day the movie earned a bumper amount of Rs 43 crore. After this, it is estimated that the film will earn a whopping Rs 50 crore by Sunday. Because of which the film can cross the wonderful figure of Rs 130 crore within just 3 days. So are you excited to watch this movie. Tell us your opinion by commenting.

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