Shahrukh Khan breaks silence on long break before back-to-back films, says- ‘I thought…’

bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan Had taken the year 2023 in his name. Actually, in the year 2023, Shahrukh Khan’s three films ‘Pathan’, ‘Jawaan’ and ‘Danky’ were released in theaters and captured the box office. Shahrukh Khan, who will do three films in the year 2023, had earlier taken a long break of four years. Shahrukh Khan was seen in the film ‘Zero’ released in 2018 and then made a comeback in the year 2023 with the film ‘Pathan’. Now Shahrukh Khan has talked about why he took a long break. Along with this, Shahrukh Khan has assured the fans that now he has no plans to take a long break.

Shahrukh Khan said these things in front of fans

Shahrukh Khan Recently he reached an event where he addressed his fans. During this, Shahrukh Khan admitted that he was feeling a little nervous after taking such a long break in his 33-year-long career. Talking about the time before the release of films in the year 2023, Shahrukh Khan said, ‘Usually you get a little nervous and you think that you have found the right film. Before this, I had some films which did not work. So I thought I am not making good films.

Shahrukh Khan expressed gratitude to fans for their love

On the love received for ‘Pathan’, ‘Jawaan’ and ‘Dinky’, Shahrukh Khan said that the love of fans towards him is more than the success of his individual films. Shahrukh Khan said, ‘I feel that this whole country and people outside India have really taken me into their hearts more than the films and have said, don’t go for 4 years, 2-4 months. Okay.’ Shahrukh Khan expressed his gratitude towards the fans, ‘I am very grateful to all of you, the fans and the whole world that they made me realize that what I do is right and I have to keep doing it again and again. Needed.’

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