‘Ram’ Arun Govil of ‘Ramayana’ got injured while shooting, working with ‘Sita’ Deepika Chikalia in the film

Arun Govil Injured: The actor became famous in every household by playing the character of Lord Ram in TV’s popular mythological show ‘Ramayana’. Arun Govil Have been injured. Actually, Arun Govil in his upcoming film ‘Notice’ Were shooting. Injured on the sets during the last schedule of the film. Irrespective of his pain, Arun Govil completed his part of the shooting so that there was no disturbance in the schedule. Deepika Chikhlia will also be seen in the film ‘Notice’ with Arun Govil. Let us tell you that Deepika Chikhalia played the role of Mother Sita in ‘Ramayana’.

Arun Govil gets hit by a jeep in a scene of the film

Entertainment (Entertainment News) Big actors of the industry Arun Govil Aditya Pratap is working in Raghuvanshi’s film Notice. Arun Govil got injured during the shooting of the last schedule of this film. It is being told that Arun Govil has been injured on the shooting set in Chitrakoot. Aditya Pratap Raghuvanshi has told that during a scene in the film, Arun Govil was about to be taken into custody by the police and during this, he got a severe injury on his elbow while reversing the police jeep. Arun Govil was standing near the police jeep and he was hit. The entire crew present on the set got scared due to Arun Govil’s injury. However, Arun Govil ignored the pain and asked the team to continue shooting.

Makers praised Arun Govil

Filmmaker Aditya Pratap Raghuvanshi, while talking about Arun Govil’s behavior during the shooting of the film, said that he is a very friendly and kind person. Pradeep Gupta is directing Arun Govil’s film ‘Notice’. This film will be seen giving a message to the people living in the society. Arun Govil’s film ‘Notice’ will be released in theaters in early 2024. There will be a chance to see Arun Govil and Deepika Chikhlia together once again in this film. It is noteworthy that in Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayana’, Arun Govil played the role of Lord Ram and Deepika Chikhalia played the role of Mother Sita. People liked this mythological show very much.

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