Preity Zinta got angry on the name 'Preetam Singh Zinta', the actress said – 'Ask Bobby Deol…'

Preity Zinta on Pritam Singh Zinta name: bollywood star Preeti Zinta Recently, by sharing a video, he has revealed his name 'Pritam Singh Zinta'. Actress Preity Zinta shared a video of herself on social media platform X and clarified that her real name is not 'Preetam Singh Zinta'. As has been written many times in many media reports. In this video released, the actress insisted that her name is only Preity Zinta. After marriage, she added the initial 'G' of her husband's surname 'Goodenough' to her name. After which her name has become Preity ji Zinta. In this too, the actress clarified that she adds her husband's surname in the middle otherwise her name would become Preity Zinta ji.

Preity Zinta told what is the correct name

Preity Zinta blames Bobby Deol for wrong name

Not only this, while sharing this video, the actress wrote in the caption, 'Over the years, I have continuously read in many articles that I have changed my name from Pritam Singh Zinta. Preeti Zinta Have kept it. I tried to tell this to people many times that on the sets of Soldier movie, Bobby Deol jokingly called me Pritam Singh. Please ask them when you meet them why they chose this name. This movie was a blockbuster and our friendship also continued to grow and since then it is also Pritam Singh. This name has stuck with me. Help. So for the last time I am telling you that my real name was never Pritam Singh. It had always been Preeti. Hopefully this cleaning is done once and for all. This video of Preity Zinta entertainment news It became famous as soon as it came into the world.

Preity Zinta has taken a break from films

Let us tell you that actress Preity Zinta has taken a break from films. The actress had recently become the mother of two twins through surrogacy. Since then the actress is enjoying her motherhood period. Since then the actress remains very active on social media. Preity Zinta has shifted to America after marriage. Where she is enjoying the new phase of life with her husband and children.

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