‘No water, no toilet…’ Radhika Apte gets angry after being stuck in the aerobridge for hours

actress Radhika Apte The film ‘Merry Christmas’ is in theaters these days. Meanwhile, a social media post of Radhika Apte is in discussion. Actually, Radhika Apte was leaving for a trip and before travelling, she had to face a lot of trouble along with many other passengers at the airport. Radhika Apte stuck in aerobridge. Radhika Apte has mentioned her problem through her social media post and her anger is clearly visible in this post. Let us know what is the whole matter related to Radhika Apte.

Radhika Apte shared the post

Radhika Apte Has shared a video and some pictures from his Instagram account on Saturday. In these pictures you can see that Radhika Apte and other passengers are seen in the aerobridge. Referring to the trouble she faced after being locked in the aerobridge, Radhika Apte wrote the caption, ‘I had to post this. I had a flight at 8:30 am today. Now it’s 10.50 and the flight is still not boarded but we are told to board and all the passengers are deboarded and locked in the aerobridge. Passengers with small children and elderly people have been locked inside for more than an hour. The security guards are not opening the gate and there is no trace of the staff.

Radhika Apte’s outburst of anger

Radhika Apte further wrote in her post, ‘Apparently his crew also did not board. The crew has been changed and they are still waiting for the new crew but they don’t know when they will arrive. So no one knows how long they will remain locked inside. I spoke to a stupid staff lady outside who kept saying there was no problem and no delays. Now I am locked inside and they have told us that we will be here till at least 12 o’clock. We are all closed. No water, no toilet. Thanks for the fun trip.

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