John Abraham clashed with Salman Khan on a small matter, even Amitabh Bachchan did not listen to him

John Abraham-Salman Khan Controversy: Well-known Bollywood star John Abraham is in the news for his films as well as fitness. John Abraham is celebrating his 51st birthday today i.e. on 17th December. Many stars are seen congratulating John Abraham on this occasion. So the actor's fans are congratulating him on his birthday by sharing photos and videos. Today, on the occasion of John Abraham, we are going to tell you an anecdote about how there was a rift between Salman Khan and John Abraham. After which the relationship between Salman Khan and John Abraham had deteriorated a bit.

There was a dispute between John Abraham and Salman Khan due to this reason

Salman Khan has made many people stars in Bollywood by giving them opportunities. Salman Khan has also given many stars the opportunity to work with him. Salman Khan has given a similar opportunity to John Abraham also. According to reports, when John Abraham was a newcomer to Bollywood, Salman Khan took John Abraham with him to the concert. Which happened in the year 2006. The main star in this event was Salman Khan. But a crew member had said that John Abraham was more famous than Salman Khan. Salman Khan had taken John Abraham to this event as one of his friends but the actor was behaving professionally with Bhai Jaan. Which Salman Khan did not like. After this, disputes started between the two even on the sets of the film. It is said that after this dispute between Salman Khan and John Abraham, Amitabh Bachchan had made an attempt to bring about a reconciliation between them. But the matter could not be resolved.

Katrina Kaif was thrown out of the film

John Abraham had a dispute not only with Salman Khan but also with Katrina Kaif. According to media reports, Katrina Kaif was to be cast in Anurag Basu's film Saaya, but it could not happen because of John Abraham. After this Salman Khan became very angry with John Abraham. Katrina Kaif became very upset after being out of this film. After which she went to Salman Khan and said that my career is over. Then Salman Khan encouraged Katrina Kaif. What is your opinion about John Abraham, please tell us by commenting.

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