Father’s shadow raised from Pankaj Tripathi’s head, breathed his last at the age of 99

Pankaj Tripathi’s father Pandit Banaras Tiwari dies: famous actor Pankaj Tripathi A mountain of sorrows has broken on his head. Pandit Banaras Tiwari, father of Bollywood star Pankaj Tripathi, passed away today. After which he has left for Bihar for his father’s last darshan. Pankaj Tripathi’s father Pandit Banaras Tiwari Was 99 years old. The film actor was very close to his father. He is badly broken by the death of his father. Pankaj Tripathi’s family has given this information by issuing an official statement. In a statement issued by the film star, it is written, ‘It is with great sadness that we confirm that Pankaj Tripathi’s father Pandit Banaras Tiwari has passed away. He lived a wonderful 99 years of life. His last journey will be completed today among his family members. Pankaj Tripathi has just left for his village Gopalganj.

Pankaj Tripathi’s father was not proud of his son’s success

movie star Pankaj Tripathi He once told in an interview that his father was ignorant about his work. He is not at all interested in his work. The film star had told that his father remains ignorant about his success. He is not at all fond of watching TV or theatre. The film star had said at that time that he does not even come to Mumbai. Pankaj Tripathi told that his father had come to Mumbai only once. They do not like the big buildings and noise here. He prefers to live in his village Gopalganj in Bihar. Pankaj Tripathi used to often go to the village to meet his father. His parents were very attached to the land and preferred to live in the village environment. Now Pankaj Tripathi has got a shock due to the death of his father.

Pankaj Tripathi is getting people’s love from OMG 2

Let us tell you that film star Pankaj Tripathi and Akshay Kumar starrer movie OMG 2 has recently reached the silver screen. Only 10 days have passed since the release of this film. This film is earning well in these 10 days. People have also liked Pankaj Tripathi’s character in the film.

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